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You should always be up to do things that excites you and only focus on the positive side of life. My motto is to love the life that has been given to you and it will surely love you back.


Hi everyone!

I am Medha Maisha Farjana(MAYESHA),from Bangladesh,a 1nd year undergraduate student at INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND ECONOMICES in XIAN UNIVERSITY OF FINANCE AND ECONOMICS.

I am glad that I got the opportunity to express my feelings, my journey and all the memories with my friends and teachers that I had in my life at our beautiful campus XUFE .




I would describe myself as persistent, passionate and visionary, I know no one is perfect but I always engage myself in everything that excites me and try to bring change through it. I am blessed to be a part of XUFE.The very first moment I set my foot here, I got so many opportunities to grow and I am happy to grab all of them. I have excelled both at curricular and extracurricular activities as I believe one should never take their time for granted as time never comes back.I love every part of this journey. I am so eager to return back to my second home to progress more.


When you first start university, the first feeling you'll probably have is happiness. Once everything had settled down at XUFE, I felt an overwhelming urge of happiness as it was a new adventure to me, (without my family), and the chance to make a whole new group of friends. It's XUFE just what I needed in my life.


I really felt so honoured that our university took some positives actions during this pandemic.They have arranged online classes,gave study materials for us who are staying outside campus,using some applications (Tencent,Dingtalk) as well as arranged classes for my friends and classmates who are now in campus.


I have heared that our university took a great care of all the dormitory students by providing mask, medicine ,food and safety .They have also arranged some course practice, sports competitions and programs for students to support them mentally and help them to find new ways of enjoyment.Also they always ask about our health condition through wechat , how we are feeling during this pandemic.We must say we have got such careful teachers like our laoshi.


My beautiful university campus located at Xian,China. Xi'an is the birthplace of the ancient Chinese civilization and it is deeply influenced by the traditional culture of ancient Chinese empire. As a result, Xian become civilized city with very rich cultural connotations. Xi'an as the center of human customs, clothing, food, housing, entertainment and other aspects, it has its own unique way of life.


The charm of Xi'an is also reflected in the colorful folk customs and folk arts and traditional sports activities.From calligraphy and painting, paper cutting, sculpture, theater, dance, opera, weaving and manufacturing crafts.From lively jubilant fire agency, sloshing swing, flying kite, to the ancient city wall marathon crowd, people can taste the traditional culture of the ancient empire style, can feel northwest loess-style charm.Whenever i got time,i went to visit all those places with my friends to spend a quality time and enjoy delicious chineese foods.


Technology,environment,culture and behaviour of chineese people always attracts me soo depply.I love the way chineese people lead their life.Most importantly Chinese is my favourite language and I am so pleased to learn this language and can also understand,talk way better than others.It feels really amazing talking in chineese and be praised by other chineese people.


I would love to countinue my further education Masters degree and PhD in ChinaChina is the great place for making an outstanding future with it has advanced growth in the platform of technological and educational system.


China has allowed me to walk towards my dream one step ahead.I highly appreciate the system that china provides education, scholarships, opportunities to international students. This opportunity makes us able to learn more about china, meeting new people from different parts of the world, make friends, introduce with new environment, different lifestyle and so on.


I miss XUFE so acutely, classes, library, dorm, parks, ground, my friends,teachers and everything about XUFE. We should keep pushing hard and focus on studies wherever we are, but like everyone else, I hope I can soon return to XUFE. The new semester will begin shortly and it is time to focus on studies and excel in my major.


I love to meet and talk with people from different countries and keen to learn about their languages and culture.I believe that learning from people of different backgrounds widen my perspective to see the world and it will lead to enhancement in my personality.


Im blessed to be part of this amazing university,which gave me so many opportunities and brought me ample success.I welcome all of you from every corner of the globe to come and join us at XUFE and create amazing memories which you can cherish for a lifetime.


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